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Master the Art of Being Human

In the next 20 years, humanity will change more than it has in its entire history. Digital technology in particular is ushering in a new world order - one that is characterized by increasing interdependence and diversity. At the same time, we face mega threats to humanity - environmental degradation, political turmoil, social upheaval, and nuclear threat. This fast-evolving world presents us with new challenges and responsibilities. And, the decisions that we make today will determine the future of the planet and thus the very existence of future generations.

I believe that human ingenuity is our most important resource in the 21st century and beyond. Our very existence as human beings on this planet depends on this very GENIUS. As leaders, we need to manifest our full human potential - operate from the full spectrum of our creative ingenuity (vision, purpose, determination, intelligence, will to create the impossible, empathy, compassion) - in order to solve today’s problems and create a new social and economic design based on global citizenship and planetary stewardship.

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