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Outcome Optimization is designed to help you understand the energy dynamic behind what you are creating, identify and release limits and blocks, and reset it so that it is in agreement with your desired outcome. 

Whether you are an athlete, an entertainer, a businessman, or a highly motivated individual interested in manifesting your goals, there are many variables that can affect the outcome of a project or business deal. Although these may seem to be out of the control of the individual, the truth is that we can change the energy dynamic of any situation or project by identifying and releasing limits and obstacle imperceptible to the naked eye and reset the energy so that it is in agreement with what you want to accomplish whether it is a multi-million dollar deal, being the champion in your particular sport, winning a big case, or getting a coveted role or award. It is within your power to CREATE what you want. 

By working with principles of the genius method, YQS will empower you to bend history and transform human evolution.

Learn to:
Use the po​wers of attention and intention to create and manifest your goals

Work with ener​gy consciously to set the energy of your business, project, or goal

​Be the driving force in your career or life 

​Take chance out of seemingly random variables in professional sports

​Outcome Optimization can be applied to the following areas: 





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