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The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilization. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson




We live in an extraordinary moment in history - a time in which the decisions that we make today will determine the future of the planet and thus the very existence of future generations. As human beings, we can choose to continue on our current trajectory to a dismal end or we can choose to use this as an opportunity to right our history on the planet and transform human evolution. 


Globally, we face mega threats to humanity - environmental damage, climate change, political turmoil, social upheaval, economic disparity, and much more. Consequently, our world is riddled with the degradation of our natural resources, racial and gender injustice, wealth inequality, and social exclusion. After centuries of capitalism, our powers of creation have become forces of self-destruction. 


Professionally, we are working ourselves to death. Our lives are dominated by impersonal powers - from labyrinthine bureaucracies to economic forces which are seemingly out of our control. We have become part of the industrial machine whose sole focus is the bottom line - the maximization of profits irrespective of the psychic toll on its employees or the physical toll on the environment. Depleting our natural resources, exploiting labor, engaging in animal cruelty, and selling toxic products is business as usual. We are stuck in jobs that are not in alignment with our higher purpose and thus do not satisfy our thirst for meaning. As a result, we feel alienated, isolated, and frustrated. 


Personally, our lives are under attack by the fast pace of life. Due to rapid technological advances and an over-saturated commercial landscape characterized by media sound bites, fast food, traffic, etc., we are bombarded with the need to react quickly at the expense of reflection and awareness. The demand to perform faster and faster promotes reactivity over thoughtfulness, disrespect over civility, stress over well-being, and chaos over balance. In spite of the array of information and social networks and the speed in which we can access information and communicate with each other, we are more isolated and blocked than ever. Increasingly, we are disconnected from meaningful and revealing relationships with each other and the world around us. As a result, our inner worlds, the template for our outer realities, are in a state of turmoil. In short, we live in a world that is not conducive to the full manifestation of Self. We do not know who we really are and almost have ceased to think about what we will become. Increasingly, we are alienated from ourselves, each other, and our environment. As human beings, we are in the midst of a consciousness crisis.


To bend our history on the planet and transform human evolution, we need a radical paradigm shift. We need to explore transformative solutions based on global citizenship and planetary stewardship and redesign our corporate, financial, political, and social systems to serve the whole rather than the select elite few.


We need to arrive at creative practical solutions through radical collaboration based on mutuality and inclusiveness. To overcome the threats or, at least, minimize the risks, we need strategic thinkers, creative problem-solvers, and multi-disciplinary connective leaders from academia, business, government, media, arts, and technology who can express their assessments and offer solutions without compromise. We need leaders who are certain, confident, and self-actualized who can navigate successfully through the increasingly complex and ambiguous environment. We need the geniuses - the pioneers, charismatic leaders, entrepreneurs, inventors, mystics, revolutionaries, dreamers, rebels, mavericks, thought-leaders, pathfinders, paradigm-shifters, and catalysts of change - to step up.


To affect change and overcome centuries of alienated life, we need to start with ourselves. If we are to survive and thrive as a species, as individuals we need to consciously, deliberately, and creatively alter our way of being, thinking, and living. We need to unlock our inherent genius (e.g., unblock human consciousness and unlock our psychic abilities) to understand the situation and explore creative and sustainable solutions.


We need to manifest our full human potential - operate from the full spectrum of our creative ingenuity - to create for ourselves and future generations a different version of ourselves and a new vision of human society marked by the awareness that all living things are interconnected and interdependent - a part of a whole living conscious expanding universe. 


It is the only way that we are going to elevate the human community to a psychic state of being and step into the next level of human evolution - super-consciousness. 


This will usher the beginning of our real conscious history and transcendent evolution.



the genius method presents a comprehensive, experiential, action-oriented, and practical intensive program for the development of leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, elite athletes, creatives, and motivated individuals interested in extraordinary, strategic, and creative leadership. 


the genius method combines time-honored mind body principles, including meditation and higher awareness techniques, contemporary leadership/management strategies, and cutting-edge design thinking and presents the latest research in neuroscience - with a focus on taking action - in order to inspire creativity and innovation, maximize outcomes, reach optimal performance, and increase profitability and organizational success in today’s highly competitive ideas economy. 


the genius method is based on the up-coming book by Yolanda Quiroz Soto, JD. YQS is the creator of YQS LLC, a consultancy that houses various ventures dedicated to empowering leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, elite athletes, creatives, and motivated individuals to manifest their human potential. She has worked with numerous businesses and individuals to teach them how to unlock their inherent genius to bend history and transform human evolution. 



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