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the genius method offers on-site and off-site consulting, programs, and services designed to promote the unlocking your inherent genius in the workplace as the key to staying competitive in the global marketplace. 



​​​​​​​​Success at the professional level depends on the elite-level performance of individual players as well as the collective behavior of the team.


To win, individual athletes need to be in physically and mentally focused. And, team performance needs to be managed actively through a strategy focused on success. The strategy needs to be grounded in a clear purpose, a high sense of mission, cooperation and commitment, and a high level of managerial efficiency. To achieve elite-level team performance, conventional team building on its own is not enough. In order to transform a team into a high-performing team, you need to go beyond conventional strategies.


the genius method focuses on setting team behavioral goals through the full engagement of the team as a cohesive unit as well as a composite of individual players. 

In today’s highly competitive environment with the recent economic downturn and rapid technological expansion, the demand for strategic thinkers, creative problem-solvers, and multi-disciplinary connective leaders is at an all-time high. To succeed in this chaotic environment, companies need to re-focus on stimulating the development of human potential and the entrepreneurial spirit, the cornerstone of innovation and profitability, within the company. Individuals, in turn, need to develop their unique gifts and abilities in order to succeed in the hyper-competitive race for talent.

the genius method provides corporate development programs designed to advance leadership traits. Participants learn how to access your creativity, strength, wisdom, empathy, purpose, certainty, and thus increase individual success and collective profitability. 

More than ever, leaders need to tap into their individual genius to succeed. With increasing interdependence and decreasing time frames in which to act, leaders need to be flexible and use chaos, risk, and failure to their own ends, to adjust their approach on the fly, to squeeze efficiency from small opportunities, and to cultivate cultures of collaboration within their teams and with the outside world. 


the genius method programs are designed to teach participants how to become genius leaders. Participants will learn how to awaken their creative powers and how to apply them in real life situations. By exploring the full range of their human potential, they will learn to go beyond the conditioned limits of behavioral scripts that restrict their ability to succeed and to discover their purpose, passion for creating, and inspiring and cultivating top talent by being the type of leader whom people want to follow. 

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