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Creative Genius: Connect the Dots Looking Forward

You can't connect the dots looking forward; You can only connect them looking backwards. So, you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something: your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. Because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart, even when it leads you off the well worn path. Steve Jobs, Stanford Commencement Address, 2015


Contrary to Job’s belief, you can connect the dots looking forward…It starts with accessing your higher creative abilities, including your clairvoyance, intuition, and knowingness (i.e., your spiritual intelligence/psychic intelligence). 


Clairvoyance is the ability to see the invisible world. As spirit, we create with pictures. Pictures get translated into thoughts; thoughts get translated into emotions; emotions get translated into chemicals. These equal your results. But, it starts with pictures. Clairvoyance is the ability to see pictures and to create with pictures. Clairvoyance is the source of our imagination, vision, and your ability to ideate. 

Intuition is the ability to arrive at logical solutions and the ability to reason abstractly and concretely without having to go through the sequence of steps. According to Tony Buzan, author of The Mind Map Book, intuition is a kind of “Super-logic in which the human brain compares its historical matrix of multiple quadrillions of bits of data with a new matrix of experience.” 

Knowingness is the ability to know something at the top of your head. It is the ability to tap into the universal mind to access the complete record of our history from the beginnings of time and beyond. 


As beings, we create (and communicate) with pictures - energy organized in different patterns. Pictures with a charge - either negative or positive - record in the body and act as commands which become behavioral scripts that dictate how we express ourselves and what we are able to create. The ability to see and intelligently reconcile these pictures empowers you to neutralize them (remove the filters to your creative expression) so you can access the full range of your creative powers. 


The Creative Genius program is designed specifically for individuals who have completed the genius method and want to take it to the next level. Creative Genius provides a space in which to continue the process of mastering the creative process by learning how to see and work with energy - the key to identifying and releasing obstacles which are hindering the creative progress.


Created at Stanford University, the genius method delivers time-honored mind/body principles and techniques, modern management/leadership strategies, design thinking, and the latest findings in neuroscience –  with a focus on taking action - to empower you to unlock your inherent genius to bend history and transform human evolution.


the genius method proudly presents the Creative Genius program - an advanced program for individuals interested in gaining the competitive edge in the creative process. It is the next step in learning to create at the genius level.  


Genius is the visionary part of leadership, building a new business, exploring unknown territory, and developing new instruments. Genius is the space of the visionary, the dreamer, the innovator, the creator, the entrepreneur, the charismatic leader. It is the intersection in which individuals inject new mission and purpose into old organizations and a risk-taking readiness to break out of old ways of doing things. Geniuses are independent, rule-breaking intractable pathfinders. They are the dedicated creative geniuses who move the human race to new levels. 


Genius requires:


Vision:                       Clear idea of what you are creating          


Purpose:                   Mission/Strong sense of purpose  


Action:                      Ability to take action


Determination:          Will to transform your idea into reality      


All four traits are necessary to succeed in the volatile, complex, and fast-changing world of today. In this program, in addition to learning how to access your intuition, you will learn to re-awaken your other genius abilities (clairvoyance, knowingness) as the key to creating what you want. The program is designed to empower you to see energy, access the sum total of your knowledge, stimulate your creativity and imagination, and tap into your super-logic so you can take action with awareness, neutrality, and no effort.


The program is composed of the four parts:


I.        The Mechanics of Reading

II.       Deprogram and re-GENIUS

III.      Repair the Creative (energy) Anatomy

IV.      The Reading Space 


The Mechanics of Reading is designed to teach you how to set your space in order to re-awaken your clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is the ability to see energy. It is from seeing energy that you can consider it and then decide if you want to keep it or change it. 


Deprogram and re-GENIUS consists of identifying limits and obstacles that are obstructing your path so you can clear them and create space to reclaim the full range of your creative abilities. 


Repair the Creative Anatomy will allow you to repair your creative instrument in order to optimize your ability to access your higher creative information in the physical body - the vehicle of your creative expression. 


The Reading Space provides you with the opportunity to develop your ability to see by reading invited guests. Looking at energy dynamics in others will allow you light up matching pictures (pieces of information with a charge) in your space so you can neutralize them and reclaim your creative energy. 


The Creative Genius is an intensive 10 month program designed to teach you how to master the creative process and create at the genius level - from the space of complete awareness, certainty, focus, and determination in order to bring your idea into physical and profitable reality. The Curriculum includes: 


 The Reading Space 

           Why read

                Types of readings

                Past lives



           Reading Techniques


                Reading triangle



                The reading line


 Repairing Your Creative Instrument


           Layers of the aura

           Energy channels

           Picture making machine

           Creative rings 

           Astral body 


Setting Energy for Outcome Optimization


You Will Learn How to:

Master the mechanics of "seeing" in order to see and work with energy

Identify and release limits and obstacles in order to keep your project in the flow

Re-create or repair your creative instrument for optimum performance and creativity

Take the randomness out of business and other creative projects

Re-set the energy of what you are creating so it can manifest into physical and profitable reality

Attract the right people to your business


The skills and techniques that you learn in the Creative Genius program serve as the foundation to mastering the creative process and are applicable to other aspects of your life.


The program meets twice a month on the second and fourth Sundays of each month from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Location given upon acceptance to the program.  



Please email Yolanda Quiroz Soto at to apply. 


Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.  Steve Jobs



The comfort zone is the great enemy to creativity; moving beyond it necessitates intuition, which in turn configures new perspectives and conquers fears. Dan Stevens



Genius is the ability to put into effect what is on your mind.  F. Scott Fitzgerald



To see things in the seed, that is genius.  Lao Tzu



Towering genius disdains a beaten path. It seeks regions hitherto unexplored.  Abraham Lincoln


Talent is a flame. Genius is a fire.  Bernard Williams



One of the satisfactions of a genius is his will-power and obstinacy.  Man Ray



There is no off position on the genius switch.  David Letterman



Reason is mechanical, wit chemical, and genius organic spirit.  Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel







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