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The Genius Method presents cutting-edge training designed to teach individual professional/elite athletes and professional sports teams The Genius Method - techniques for elite-level performance that go beyond conventional mental training strategies. 

Working from the fundamental principle that elite-level performance is the result of more than just physical, technical, and conventional mental training, YQS continues to chart new pathways to unlock the professional/elite athlete's full potential. Through the balance and integration of the athlete's inherent creative powers, The Genius Method provides cognitive training to rewire the brain in order to improve brain and body efficiency. 

The Genius Method incorporates principles drawn from organizational behavior theory, sports psychology, neuroscience, and design thinking as well as practical professional sports applications to support break-through results. 

Seminars, Workshops, Individual Training:

●    Achieve elite-level physical fitness and well-being
●    Prevent mental obstacles from manifesting as physical pain/illness/injuries
●    Recover from pain, illness, and injuries quicker

●    Increase energy and vitality

●    Prevent/overcome mental obstacles
●    Perform under pressure
●    Prevent/end performance slumps
●    Maintain consistent elite-level performance 

●    Develop the power to design energy and create from thought
●    Be the cause not the effect of management, the media, and fans
●    Manage the energy rather than leaving the variables of the game to chance


Prevent/Overcome Physical Obstacles
Prevent Mental Obstacles from Presenting as Injuries, Pain, Illness
Prevent/Recover from Injuries, Pain, Illness
Restore/Maintain Higher Levels of Energy and Vitality

Professional sports teams and professional/elite athletes live under the constant pressure to deliver results on a consistent basis. A threat to excellent performance is the risk of injury. Injuries adversely impact the individual player and the entire team. Injuries can change the complexion of the game through the elimination of key players. They also can turn the individual athlete's world upside down, sometimes even bringing a successful career to an abrupt end. Optimizing your body is therefore of the utmost importance in professional/elite sports. 

The Optimize Your Body curriculum is designed to teach professional teams and individual professional athletes how to operate the physical body as an energy phenomenon in order to attain and maintain optimum strength and physical condition. It is intended as a supplement to any strength and conditioning program to enhance performance and prevent/overcome injuries at an accelerated pace. 

Participants will learn The Genius Method for elite-level performance and powerful techniques for preventing/overcoming injuries. Participants will learn the energy causes of anxiety, depression, fatigue, stress and effective techniques for releasing these energies in order to prevent mental obstacles from manifesting at the physical level as injuries, pain, illness. In addition, participants will learn how to recover quicker from illnesses and injuries and how to restore and maintain higher levels of energy and vitality. 

Learn How To:
Identify the causes of mental obstacles, physical pain, illness, and injuries
Release mental obstacles and physical limits from the physical body
Prevent and overcome injury, pain, illness
Accelerate the healing process
Restore and maintain higher levels of energy
Attain and maintain optimum strength and physical condition

Instruction on The Genius Method
Experiential exercises


Elite-level Performance under Pressure
Prevent/End Performance Slumps
Identify and Resolve Mental Obstacles to Performance
Maintain Consistent Optimum Performance 

Elite-level performance is playing your sport at your full potential on a consistent basis. In order to perform at this level, three interrelated components must be in place: physical training, technical instruction, and mental training. Although mental training separates good athletes from great athletes, of the three, it is perhaps the most important and the most neglected. 

Mental training is what helps athletes overcome the mental obstacles that keep them from reaching their full potential. Most performance problems with which professional sports teams and individual professional/elite athletes struggle are not the result of poor physical conditioning, inadequate coaching, or a lack of physical skills or technical ability. Although physical and mechanical factors play a role, teams and athletes that fall short of optimum performance do so because of mental factors like unrealistic goals, external pressure, poor concentration, lack of confidence or motivation, and stress. These obstacles can be preempted by a solid mental training program. 

Mind Over Matter program is designed to introduce professional sports teams and individual professional/elite athletes to cutting-edge mental training techniques for elite-level performance that go beyond the conventional mental training strategies. It is designed to teach professional/elite athletes how to reawaken and use the powers of the mind to take control over their professional and personal lives. Participants will learn how to focus their higher awareness in the Mind, the center of activity, intelligence, and abstract and concrete thought, in order to remove conditioned mental limits to their full potential. At the team level, the techniques work to accomplish optimal team effort, cohesion, and optimal organizational success. 

Learn How To:
Unleash the powers of the mind to achieve and maintain elite-level performance
Identify and remove obstacles and limits to performance
Free the Body, Mind, and Spirit of external and internal distractions
Focus higher awareness in the present moment / Foster superfluidity

Instruction on The Genius Method
Experiential exercises



Develop the Power to Manage Energy and Create from Thought
Be the Cause Not the Effect of Management, the Media, and Fans
Manage the Energy Rather than Leave the Variables of the Game to Chance

There are many variables that can affect the performance of professional sport teams and elite/professional athletes. Professional sports teams and individual professional/elite athletes constantly are subject to many external pressures such as organizational factors, media attention, and the expectations of fans to name a few. Although these may seem to be out of the control of the team or athlete, the truth is that each team and athlete possesses the power to create its or his/her own reality. In other words, each team and athlete can be the cause rather the effect in its or his/her professional and personal lives. 

The Design Your Career curriculum is designed to teach teams and professional/elite athletes how to manage energy from the space of awareness and how to create and manifest what they want. Participants will learn how to use their power to create from thought and their will to manifest their goals. They also will learn how to be the driving force in their lives rather than leaving things to chance. By working with principles of Quantum Physics and Energy Management techniques, participants will learn how to manage energy on and off the field for optimum performance. 

Learn How To:
Use the powers of attention and intention to create and manifest your goals
Work with energy consciously to set the energy of your game
Be the driving force in your career as a professional/elite athlete
Take chance out of seemingly random variables in professional sports

Instruction on T
he Genius Method
Instruction on the Quantum Mechanical Framework for Physical Fitness
Experiential exercises




​​In Full Engagement, players learn how to transform the team so it is more successful. They will learn how to identify what the team needs to be the most effective, assess the gap between what the team needs and what it currently is doing, and take action to close that gap. Participants will learn how to change the team's behavior, attitudes, processes, etc., in order to improve business results. They also will learn how to direct their individual performance into a sustained optimum team effort. The result is the transformation of the team and improved performance. 

Learn How To
​​​Clarify team goals
Identify and remove the roadblocks that inhibit optimum team effectiveness
Enable team goals to be accomplished
Manage conflicting expectations
Avoid and release team stress
Foster communication, cohesion, and motivation

Instruction on 
he Genius Method
Independent and confidential team assessment, facilitation, and development
Strategies for dealing with team issues and improving team performance
Experiential exercises​​​​​​​​​​​​

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