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The Genius Method provides tested approaches to inspiring creativity, developing critical thinking skills, generating new ideas, and channeling creative energy for positive change - the key drivers of success personally and professionally. It includes mind/body principles and techniques, leadership/management strategies, design thinking, and some neuroscience. 




FREE YOUR MIND focuses on identifying self-defeating thoughts, negative statements, and irrational beliefs that cloud your certainty, affect your behavior, undercut your results, and undermine your ability to create and lead from power, authenticity, and clarity. Once the individual negative thought patterns are identified and examined, you will learn to "deprogram” behavioral scripts (mental models that automate almost every action we take) and reconnect with your inner wisdom and certainty and your ability to assess challenges clearly and make informed decisions.


●     Clear limiting thoughts and beliefs

●     Heal emotional wounds

●     Re-wire your brain

●     Create new commands/neuro pathways










OPTIMIZE YOUR BODY focuses on accessing the body and operating it as the vehicle of your inherent genius, the storehouse of our unique talents and attributes, creativity, imagination, motivation, and will manifest fully and transform the world.


●     Release stress and pain

●     Increase energy levels and vitality

●     Be present, in control, in the flow

●     Foster adaptability and flexibility 







OWN YOUR GENIUS focuses on empowering you to realize your full human potential. It engages, honors, empowers, and guides you to re-own your unique talents and attributes, ignite creativity, and activate the imagination. It empowers you to master the creative process and raise your ability to have what you want through neutrality, certainty, and fearlessness so you can realize your interests, passions, purpose, and goals. 


●     Reignite your creative spark

●     Reclaim your creative power 

●     Discover your personal legend/purpose

●     Own your leadership space​

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