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the genius method provides a comprehensive and practical Leadership Development program for executives, government leaders, and non-profit directors as the key to successful global leadership. The program focuses on the unlocking of one's inherent genius as the foundation for extraordinary and strategic leadership. 


The major responsibility of leaders today is to revitalize their organizations for a competitive world. The purposes, strategies, structures, and cultures of yesterday's protected domestic marketplace do not work in today's competitive global economy. For a company to succeed, its executives need to be masters of organizational leadership and change management. Successful leaders need to navigate through the unpredictable and uncertain environment and not only survive the cycles of business but emerge from them triumphantly. The new economy demands leaders with a high level of self-awareness. In order to meet the demands of the new economy, in which time frames have shrunk significantly, CEOs need to be smarter, swifter, and more accurate.


Today's increasingly complex and ambiguous environment calls for a leader who is certain, confident, and self-actualized. The Leadership Development program provides the techniques necessary to become this type of leader. The programs are customized for each organization and are designed to meet the unique needs of executive and senior executive members. They range from short seminars to more extensive integrative programs over several months. Each program is tailored to the needs of the sponsoring organization and its participants.


Participants Will Learn How to:

• Increase their higher creative abilities 

• Apply methods to balance critical and analytical thinking with imagination

• Expand their ability to generate new ideas

• Use powerful techniques to navigate through ambiguity and uncertainty

• Cultivate creativity and innovation in your organization

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