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A GENIUS reading is designed to give you psychic communication on your creative process. The session includes communication on:


Present energy dynamic of creative project, goal, or idea

Identification of limits, obstacles, blocks to your creative process

Neutralizing the pictures and programming getting in the way 

Resetting the energy

​​Physical and practical action step



As spirit, we create with pictures. Pictures either are complete or incomplete. Complete pictures represent both sides of a dichotomy equally and thus are neutral in nature. They validate the whole of who we are and allow us to express the full spectrum of our creative abilities. Complete pictures are transmuted into wisdom and blend  into who we are. 


Incomplete pictures represent only one side of a dichotomy and are either negative or positive in nature. They validate one part of who we are and invalidate the other. They allow us to express one side of ourselves, but not the other. Incomplete pictures - negative or positive - register in the body and act as commands to the body.


Spirit, which is neutral, while in the physical body takes on the charge of the incomplete pictures and becomes them. We go from being all-creative to being able to express only what the incomplete picture represents. Incomplete pictures are the source of limiting beliefs, self-destructive patterns of behavior, bad habits, self-sabotage, limiting thoughts, and stress and illness.


Deprogramming ourselves of incomplete pictures is the key to reclaiming our full creative power. 


A GENIUS reading is designed to help you identify and release incomplete pictures from your space so that you can unlock your inherent genius and reclaim the full spectrum of your creative power. 

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