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the genius method presents LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES designed to awaken your ability to lead in a world of economic uncertainty. The strategies are designed to provide a fresh approach to boosting creativity and flexibility so you can lead at all levels of the organization. 



IDEA is the level of unique ideas, strong commitments, and a lot of determination. Creation originates as an Idea, shapeless and invisible, mighty and powerful. An idea is pure energy unbound by the limitations of matter, time, and space. In order for the idea to manifest into physical reality, it must take form through the power of thought. This process is illustrated by the axiom, “energy follows thought.”


●     Identify vision, purpose, idea

●     Ideate, explore, prototype, define

●     Produce a coherent vision, purpose, idea

●     Inspire, focus on human values 







PLAN entails formulating a plan of action to bring the Idea into reality. It requires mental activity: assessing, analyzing, changing, discerning, discriminating, editing, evaluating, prioritizing, etc. In other words, it requires research and thinking. The research will start to give your idea definition and form. Thinking about your Idea will help clarify it and give it direction and focus.


●     Research

●     Think

●     Map and pattern

●     Create an action plan









IMPLEMENT focuses on taking action. As Thomas Edison said, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” A plan without physical action to move it forward is just a plan. It looks great on paper, but that‘s about it. It will not get any further than that.


●     Bias toward action

●     Identify problems and facilitate solutions

●     Enlist help if necessary

●     Keep moving forward


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