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My passion is empowering people to unlock their inherent genius to bend history and transform human evolution


To that end, I created the genius method, a model of the creative process that combines time-honored mind/body principles and techniques, contemporary management and leadership strategies, design thinking, and the latest research in neuroscience. 


Over the years, I have empowered thousands of individuals, including elite athletes, A-list celebrities, and CEOs to identify and release obstacles to their goals and to become the authors of their own lives. 


In addition, I am an expert at managing the energy dynamic of businesses, sports, entertainment, and the law with the intention of taking out the randomness out of seemingly uncontrollable variables in order to minimize problems, personality conflicts, and accidents and to maximize outcomes, reach optimal performance, increase profitability, and organizational success. 




I created the genius method while at Stanford University and tested it in Silicon Valley. 


I graduated from Stanford Law School in 2000. As an undergraduate, I studied with four Nobel Laureates at UCB and UCLA and graduated with a BA in History, summa cum laude. 

Prior to law school, I worked with Prof. Jean Lipman-Blumen and Prof. Harold J. Leavitt at The Achieving Styles Institute (now The Connective Leadership Institute) in Pasadena, CA. 

I received my spiritual training at the Church of Divine man in Berkeley, CA and Aesclepion Healing in San Rafael, CA.




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