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Genius is the Will of Your Soul

Genius is the creative force behind every idea, every act of transformation and innovation, every advancement in history and human evolution.

Genius is a force. It acts. It destroys. It Creates.

Genius is the enemy of oppression, the destroyer of power structures that control, the mobilizing force against institutional programming, the rage against psychological warfare, the weapon of the rebel and the revolutionary.

Genius is the agent of progress. It is the fuel that drives every creative act. It is the inspiration behind every stubborn soul who has created anything innovative and transcendent.

Genius expresses itself in a myriad of ways. It is universal, but individual.

In the athlete, Genius is the body in motion. In the artist, Genius is beauty. In the academic, Genius is pure intellect. In the philosopher, Genius is wisdom. In the musician, Genius is soulful. In the entrepreneur, it is inspired business.

What is the Genius in you?

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