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The Impulse to Create

The impulse to create stems from a longing of the soul to be all-creative - to rise in omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence. It is a living primal instinct to transform a pure idea into physical reality in our own individual and unique way. It is the force that intuitively awakens that which lies dormant in the collective unconsciousness.

It is an evolutionary imperative that cannot be quashed. You can try to suppress it, but the desire to create will haunt you. The rage to master will look for ways to express itself. The urge to innovate will become a tireless obsession. The pent up energy will do whatever it takes to escape and overthrow, dethrone, and kill the old in order to bring forth the transcendent unknown.

The impulse is so imperious that it will become an all-consuming pursuit - even at the cost of ordinary health and human happiness. Following your bliss, thus, is not necessarily a blissful process. Expansion is uncomfortable and, sometimes, painful. But, it opens new zones of possibility in which magical explosions of creativity happen.

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