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The truth is that we are creative beings by nature. We are imbued with the impulse to create. Unfortunately, our systems are not built to support the creative spirit.

We live in a world that stifles the creative impulse. From an early age, we are programmed not to rock the boat, not to question authority, not to surpass the lowest common denominator. Instead, we are ordered to do what we are told, to be quiet, to adhere to the status quo, to follow the path of least resistance. It causes us to shut down our imagination, intuition, curiosity. It kills our creative spark. And, it chips at our soul.

In this age of increasing interdependence and diversity, this practice no longer serves us. Fostering the ability to create (ideate, innovate, achieve results) is more important than ever. We have to dig deep to unlock our inherent genius - the storehouse of our innate impulse to create and to contribute in order to stay not only stay competitive, but to preserve our environment, further human rights, and advance human evolution.

SHAKE THINGS UP Entertain creative disruption. Don’t wait for something dramatic to happen as a wake up call. Force change to happen on your terms. Create the space to entertain new ideas and possibilities. Do whatever it takes to bust out of your creative rut and to push things forward. Identify what makes you uncomfortable and go and do it. Living in a constant state of challenge creates new neuropathways in the brain and promotes brain plasticity and superfluidity.

EMBRACE DIVERSITY Surround yourself with diverse people. If your social or professional circle mirrors who you are, you probably don’t have a lot of perspective. People from the same backgrounds tend to see things in a similar fashion, operate from the same assumptions, and thus arrive at the same conclusions. To stir things up, invite people from diverse backgrounds into your creative circle. Cultivate an atmosphere supportive of the collective genius in which ideas are exchanged and challenged through rigorous intellectual, but polite, discourse.

BE BOLD Dare to be different and engage in big Action. Decide you are going to lead not follow and be ready to step out of the shadows of your predecessor and test new waters. Be ready to upset the status quo. Be true to your vision and be ready to accept criticism. It’s okay to be afraid, but don’t allow it to kill your vision. Be the creative light in world that is dark with conformity.

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