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August 15th, 2015

the genius method, 2015





identify blocks, limits, or obstacles to your creative process

re-set the energy for outcome optimization

craft a next step so you can transform your idea/vision into actual physical and profitable reality


How Does It Work? 




The consult is 20 minutes long and consists of communication on what you are creating. It is designed to help you identify blocks, limits, or obstacles to your creative process and to help you craft a next step so you can transform your vision or idea into actual physical and profitable reality



To Register

Pay What You Can via Paypal to

Email me with 3 times in which you are available on August 15th between 9 AM and 2 PM

Once these are received, you will receive confirmation of your consult time

If you miss your call, payment is non-refundable



Before the Call:

Sit in a quiet and comfortable place for 10 minutes before your scheduled time

Focus your attention in the spot behind your eyes (the control center of the body)

Take a few deep breaths and relax


Please formulate what you would like communication on, so we can get right into it. I will take a look at what you are seeking to create clairvoyantly and identify any blocks, limits, or obstacles that are getting in the way of you manifesting what you want. I will help you release the energy that is stuck and help you craft a next step based on leadership/management training and design school thinking from the genius method: Idea, Plan, Implement with a focus on taking Action so you can achieve real-life results. 



During the Call

Sit upright 

Feet on the floor

Eyes open


Bring your amusement with you. This tends to work better if you leave your expectations at the door and are open to the process. 


I will ask you to say your name 3 times and the question that you have. Your name will allow me to tune into you as spirit, so I can see the pictures from which you are creating and through which you are expressing yourself. It will allow me to see what you are creating as spirit and to identify anything is in blocking its manifestation. You will have the opportunity to clear the block(s) and re-set your space for success!



After the Call

After you have time to process, you may email me with questions. I will answer within 48 hours. Please keep your questions to what was addressed on during the consult. If you would like communication on something, you may schedule a regular session. 


My average fee starts at $500 per hour. This is a great deal. Don't pass it up!




Looking forward to hearing from you.



























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