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Nancy Marmolejo is a sought after marketing strategist who teaches coaches and consultants how to get more clients, make more money, and live the lifestyle they’ve always desired.

She cut her teeth in business running the snack bar at her Dad’s flea market in the era of feathered hair, tube tops, and Aqua Net. It was the greatest place on earth to learn branding, guerrilla marketing, daring publicity, and customer service. She credits her late father for being the best business mentor a girl could ever have.

Years later, she became an urban school teacher where she fine-tuned her abilities to see the potential in everyone she met. In 2003, Nancy launched her own business and quickly made her mark as a creative strategist, a social media early adopter and innovative thinker.

Fast forward to today and Nancy’s achievements are many: national winner of the 2006 Anna Maria Arias Award for business innovation, Entrepreneur of the Year from the National Hispanic Women’s Association, over 100 media credits (including Smart Money, the Orange County Register, Redbook), featured in 5 books on business and social media, named to numerous “Best Of” lists from social media innovators to marketers, and a respected expert with a loyal following from around the globe.

Using her proven systems and results-based coaching style, Nancy’s clients learn how stand out in their fields to make more money, attract great clients, and leverage opportunities.

Known for her creative and spirited style, Nancy is all over the web as an avid social networker and trend watcher. She lives in California with her amazing child and a very large orange cat.


psychicGENIUS (psychic=creative)

1.  Current occupation/project?

Founder and chief strategist at T.A.G. The Intersection of Talent and Genius 

2. What is your philosophy of success?

I love Tom Peter's motto: Do cool shit. Do it everyday. Or die trying. To be able to live like that is success. 

3. What is your biggest success? How did you do it? Tips for up and comers.

Starting my business in 2003 was a huge personal success because I took a huge leap and never looked back. There was no safety net and I burned a few bridges in the process. That act pushed me to my max. The business wasn't profitable at first and many people discouraged me from sticking with it. Moving past the naysayers was another personal (and ultimately financial) success. 

4. Who was your biggest influence?

I have many influences from different phases of my life. 

My dad was a huge influence because he was an entrepreneur. I never once saw him go to work for another person and his example led me to become an entrepreneur. In college, I had wonderful professors who taught me how to expand my horizons and see the world from all angles. As an adult, I connected with people who took emotional risks, bared their vulnerability, and became stronger in the process. 

5. Where does your creativity come from?

I was born with it. There are many artists and free thinkers in my family lineage. It's literally in our blood to see the world from a different perspective. 

6. What’s the most daring thing that you have done?

I pulled people out of an overturned vehicle. It was an absolute reflex, I didn't think about it. I saw children and every maternal instinct in me threw me into that car to get the kids out. 

7. What is your biggest failure?

I worked night and day on a huge launch for a program and it flopped. It was a failure because I failed to see that I didn't have the right people helping me, that I was taking on someone else's idea, and I didn't set self care boundaries for myself along the way.

8. What obstacles did you face along the way?

When my daughter was 4 years old, my then husband became very ill and I essentially became a single mom to her and a caretaker to him. Somehow through all that I managed to grow my business to 6 figures and host live events for my clients. 

9. How did you overcome them?​​

​​​I have no idea how I did it, but I did by the grace of God. 

10. What are you willing to do to achieve success? What are you willing to not do?

I'm willing to go into my discomfort zone to see if my barriers are real or imagined.

I'm not willing to sacrifice my family life or my responsibilities as a mom to push my agenda forward. 






1. How do you describe yourself?

Approachable, innovative, fun, funny.

2. What turns you on (inspires you)?

I love 4 year olds. They crack me up and remind me of what natural geniuses we all are. 

3. What turns you off?

Arrogant people. People who assume too much and underestimate the genius of those around them. 

4. What do you do for fun? 

I love to cook- I'm a "kitchen intuitive". Just put me in a kitchen and let me figure out what's for dinner. It's my creative outlet. I also love to chill out with my family, go to my daughter's athletic events, and take walks. 

5. How do you get your best ideas?

Many times in meditation or when I'm on a walk. When the mind is clear and distractions at a minimun. 

6. Favorites:

Music: I surround myself with music lovers who serve as my DJs. I never even know who I'm listening to, just that it's great music. 

Food: Spicy food fuels my world. 

Spot on earth: I love PCH running through Orange County and all the beaches there. But Kailua beach on Oahu is pretty amazing too. 

Mover and shaker: Sir Ken Robinson

Curse word: The f word. I save it for special occasions and it rocks me to my core. 

7. What pisses you off?

Mean people. 

8. What makes you happy?

Strangers performing random acts of kindness. 

9. Something new that you would like to attempt?

Stand up paddling and dragon boat racing. 

10. What do you want people to say about you after you die?

That God broke the mold after I came out.

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