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Created at Stanford Law School, tested in Silicon Valley, and supported by neuroscience, meditationBRAIN is the time-honored key to unlock your human potential, gain the competitive edge, and achieve extraordinary results.​














meditationBRAIN empowers leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, elite athletes, creatives, and motivated individuals with the skills needed for connective leadership, successful entrepreneurship, and creative thinking in order to create and perform at a higher level and contribute to the larger whole.



























The meditationBRAIN:


Thicker Cortex

Larger Hippocampus

Increased Grey Matter Density

Improved White Matter

Decreased Amygdala

Less stress and physical/emotional pain

Lower anxiety and depression

Increased well-being, energy, and stamina

Increased emotional intelligence

Improved ability to focus and think clearly

Increased creativity and genius-mindset

Improved self-awareness and self-mastery

Increased perception and empathy

Improved performance and collaboration

Meditation is an ancient practice for transforming your brain, training your mind, and improving your mental, emotional, and physical health. It's applications are varied and range from the personal to the professional. Over the years, it has morphed from a spiritual practice to a science-based, pragmatic, and nonmystical one. It is a highly individual practice, so we recommend that you find what works for you. 

meditationBRAIN I


meditationBRAIN I presents a uniquely modern look at an ancient practice. For centuries, meditators have experienced the benefits of meditation. Science now supports their claims. Meditation is a proven method for improving our health and well-being. Meditation also is the key to unlocking our full human potential. Studies show that meditation increases creativity, identified by CEOs around the world as the top leadership competency for the successful enterprise of the future. Meditation increases focus, mental agility, self-awareness - all necessary for success in today's economy. 


This class is designed to teach you the fundamental principles of meditation, its practical applications, and how to create a sustainable meditation practice. It is composed of instruction, interactive exercises, and homework. In addition, you will receive the meditationBRAIN meditation guide. 


You Will Learn to:

Access the point of higher awareness, creativity, intelligence

Be completely present, in control, in no effort, and in the flow

Release internal interference and distractions

Set your space

Increase energy levels and stamina










Dates:        April 9th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Location:   Santa Monica 

Dress:       Comfortable clothing

Bring:        Water and a snack







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Yolanda Quiroz Soto, JD - I graduated from Stanford Law School in 2000. As an undergraduate, I studied with four Nobel Laureates at UCB and UCLA and graduated with a BA in History, summa cum laude. Prior to law school, I worked with Prof. Jean Lipman-Blumen and Prof. Harold J. Leavitt at The Achieving Styles Institute (now The Connective Leadership Institute) in Pasadena, CA. I received my spiritual training at the Church of Divine Man in Berkeley, CA and Aesclepion Healing in San Rafael, CA. In addition, I am trained in Transcendental Meditation, Kriya Yoga, Zen Meditation, Vipassana Meditation, Tibetan Meditation, and Mindfulness Meditation. I am the creator of YQS LLC which houses the genius method, the creative genius, and meditationBRAIN - programs devoted to unlocking our full human potential. 


what meditationBRAIN practitioners are saying




"Absolutely life-changing. Period." Mike Buchko, Entrepreneur



"When I was getting stuck, YQS helped me look at the stuck energy and work it in a safe, fun environment. Instead of hitting a writer's block and dumping everything and letting weeks go by before looking at my writing, I got back to it feeling more ready and more capable of succeeding. It's hell on a screen play if you spend too much time away from it. Being able to work energy with YQS saved me valuable time. Thank you for helping me keep the energy flowing toward success." N. Lescher, Writer / Director 



"YQS's meditation class taught me how to claim my life and start living it on my own terms. I am more present and self-aware and therefore able to not only appreciate the good moments in a more fully, but handle difficult moments in a more productive way. The meditation class is helping heal old wounds, have more self-confidence, and be excited about the future. I look forward to continuing to discover who I really am and sharing it with others." T. Winters, Wellness Expert



"The most important aspect of YQS's teachings is that it empowers you as the healer and visionary of your own life. This in and of itself makes YQS invaluable to those who wish to enrich their own lives instead of relying on others to heal them. I am forever grateful." C. Funk, CEO, Belly Sprout



"The information I have learned and practiced from these classes will keep me at a significant advantage well ahead of my colleagues, family, and friends. I highly recommend this program as a key element in healing and mastering your life." R. Mercado, VP, Edison


"I feel really good...I feel more whole and strengthened." D. Best, CEO, VP, Best Drinks


"Yolanda has helped me pay attention to parts of myself I didn't know existed and has helped me address the world in a new way." T. Griffin, UCLA

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