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​​In today’s ideas economy, CEOs identify creativity as the top leadership competency for the successful enterprise of the future. Creativity was ranked above operational effectiveness, influence, and dedication. Managerial discipline and rigor are no longer at the top of the list. What accounts for this shift? For the most part, in the midst of the worst economic downturn in their professional lifetimes, increasing global complexity, in which the opposing forces of interconnection/interdependency and individualism are at play, and lack of organizational competence to succeed in the new highly competitive ideas economy, CEOs realize that creativity and innovation are essential to succeed. 

But, what exactly is creativity and how do you get it? 

Creativity refers to the ability to originate or invent something new thing (a product, solution, artwork, literary work, joke, etc.) that has value. Creativity (or the ability to create) is the ability to transform energy into matter or an idea into physical reality. As human beings, we all are creative. It is our nature. Within each of us exists the entire range of creative abilities and qualities. The higher creative abilities (known in some traditions as “divine”) are beyond the reach of perception of the average person. Throughout history, however, there are few that can access the full spectrum of our creative abilities and actually manifest their creative potentials. We call them geniuses. Geniuses are born with a strong desire (will) or drive to create. It is the energy which motivates them transform their ideas into reality. They also possess a strong ability to plan out how they will realize their vision. Finally, they are driven to take action in order to implement the plan and make it happen. Creativity is not just about generating ideas. It is about formulating a plan to make them happen. Finally, it is about implementing the plan no matter what. The other side of creativity is making them happen. Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and Steve Jobs are examples of creative geniuses. 

Creative geniuses are examples of high creative individuals from whom we can learn in order to boost our own creativity – ability to create. Geniuses are natural masters of the creative process and inherently know that it consists of three parts: idea, plan, implement. Geniuses think (imagine, envision), plan, and implement their plan of actions diligently until they succeed. By identifying the generating ideas/formulating a vision, planning how toachieve it, and taking action strategies of geniuses, we can apply them in our own lives and increase our geniusfactor both professionally and personally. 

The creative process at a physical level consists of three components: Idea, Plan, Implement. Idea is the space of generating novel concepts and ideas. Plan is the space of researching, thinking, and formulating a plan of action. Implement is the space of executing the plan step by step to transform the idea into reality. Geniuses are unique in that they are masters of all three components. 

Creative geniuses have a vision of what the world should be and choose to dedicate themselves to making it a reality. They see the world differently than the average person because they are in touch with their higher inherent creative abilities which allow them to access information not accessible with the five senses. Creative geniuses use a combination of spiritual or psychic (please note that spiritual/psychic/creative are the same) abilities to tap into this invisible world such as:

CLAIRVOYANCE: ​Ability to see pictures, vision, imagination, generate ideas
Creative Geniuses have a clear vision or picture of what they want to create, how they are going to create it, and the success they will achieve when they accomplish the task. This ability to see pictures stems from the power of imagination or their ability to envision something that does not yet exist. This ability is the source of new ideas and solutions.

INTUITION: Innate reasoning 
Creative geniuses are in tune with their intuition. Intuition is defined by Tony Buzan, author of The Mind Map Book, as a kind of “Super-logic in which the human brain compares its historical matrix of multiple quadrillions of bits of data with a new matrix of experience.” Intuition has two components: abstract intuition and pragmatic intuition. Abstract intuition is the ability to arrive at a logical solution without having to go through the sequence of steps and pragmatic intuition is the ability to reason sequentially. One is calculus, the other is math. Together, they allow the genius to think swiftly, access the correct conclusion or solution, and get the information they need quickly.

Creative geniuses use their intuition to access information without going through conscious steps of logic or reasoning. We all have the information, but creative geniuses are able to retrieve it quickly and put it to use.

KNOWINGNESS: ability to access the full range of your creative information. The source of your certainty and belief that it will happen

Creative geniuses are able to access the storehouse of their creative information. They have access to information that others simply cannot access and thus operate from a fuller spectrum. In addition, they have a high degree of certainty about their abilities and the fact that they are capable of just about anything. 

In sum, creative geniuses have access to the an invisible world not see with the naked eye. They use their spiritual abilities (higher creative abilities) to access this world which allows them to transcend the physical and material world to make unusual connections and observations and arrive at unheard of solutions to change the world. 

Creative geniuses have the remarkable ability to make specific and workable plans to realize their idea. They plan in the long-term as well as the short-term. They formulate the big goal, but give themselves mini-goals to get them there. 

Creative geniuses ask questions, challenge facts and the status quo, and look for solutions in unusual places. They are open-minded, see relationships in polar opposites, make analogies, look at different perspective at the same time. They engage in associational, systems, and “whole-brain” thinking. They not only think outside the box; they destroy the box. 

Creative Geniuses take action to realize their ideas. They are incredibly productive and will stop at nothing to fulfill their goals.

Creative geniuses do not give up. They are committed to taking action in order to realize their vision. They perceive failures as learning opportunities and they do not allow an obstacle to stop them.

Creative geniuses love what they do. It is the driving force behind their motivation to work and to persevere through obstacles. They have an inner force that drives them to achieve their goal no matter what.

Creative geniuses are energy phenomena. They have a lot of energy which they focus to accomplish their projects. They work long hours which accounts for their immense productivity. And, they are incredibly charismatic (a trait of having a lot of energy) which accounts with why geniuses are highly sexual, passionate, and full of lust.

Creative geniuses are fearless. They put their reputations and often their lives on the line in order to realize their vision.

To create like a genius, adopt a quest for knowledge. Strive to learn as much as possible, ask questions, keep an open mind, broaden your universe. Explore generating ideas about things that interest you. Keep a journal so you Can draw or write down your ideas. 

Formulate a plan of action that you will follow in order to transform your ideas into physical reality. Explore different solutions and perspectives. 

Implement your plan of action. Be aware that this is where your resolve will be tested. This is the stage in which the limits and obstacles that you have been programmed to accept will surface. Be aware of them as they present themselves and work through them. Creative geniuses do not give. They persevere through the challenges and destroy limits. They keep focused. Stay healthy; Geniuses have a lot of energy to execute their plans. And, above be in amusement and passionate about your work. If you do not love what you do, look for something else. 


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