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Are stress and work load preventing you from staying engaged and communicating effectively?

Do you lack the inspiration, energy, and motivation needed to reach new levels of productivity and success?

Would you like to integrate long-term wellness solutions to decrease absenteeism, lower healthcare expenses, and improve your bottom line?

The process of living can de-genius even the most motivated and creative individual and bring you to a halt. In today’s highly competitive ideas economy driven by human potential, this can be disastrous.

geniusRetreats are designed to help you meet all of these challenges and create a happier, healthier, and more creative life. As a leader in the field of human potential and mind-body health/wellness, the genius method has empowered numerous individuals, groups, and businesses to achieve greater well-being and tap into their highest potential for greater creativity, vitality, and success.

Our master educators deliver high-impact programs that combine modern science, time-honored teachings, and practical applications. The lifestyle tools we teach easily can be integrated into your company culture on a long-term basis.













Own Your Body focuses on creating and operating the physical body at an optimal level for higher creativity, energy, and motivation. You will learn to create a healthy body by making better food/nutrition choices, conditioning and strengthening the body, and releasing stress and increasing your energy levels. The result is a physical body more capable of expressing your inherent genius, the storehouse of our unique talents and attributes, creativity, imagination, motivation, and will to transform the world. The curriculum includes: 

Nutrition:          10 foods that alleviate stress; 5 supplements to boost your brain power        

Fitness:              5 activities that revitalize your body

Meditation:      5 ways to release stress; 1 way to increase your energy

You will learn to: 

Release:           foreign energy (the cause of illness/disease, blocked creativity and lack of motivation)

Reclaim:           your energy (the source of health and well-being and your human potential)​​​​








Free Your Mind is designed to help you work with the powers of the mind for mental clarity and emotional balance. Most of our stress and emotional suffering comes from our mind - the way we think and face a situation - and the thoughts that cause us stress are usually negative, unrealistic, and distorted. Through a "cognitive/behavioral" approach, you will begin to recognize the self-defeating thoughts, negative statements, and irrational beliefs that undermine your mood, behavior, and health. Once the individual negative thought patterns are identified and examined, you will learn to "deprogram” and reconnect with your inner wisdom (re-Genius) in order to transform how you think by finding positive, affirming approaches to life's ups and downs.

You will learn to: 

Release: anxiety, impulsiveness, limits and obstacles, mental fog, foolishness, intolerance

Increase; ability to relax, thoughtfulness, focus/concentration, wisdom, tolerance








Own Your Inherent Genius focuses on empowering you to realize your full human potential. It engages, honors, empowers, and guides you to re-own your unique talents and attributes, ignite creativity, and activate the imagination. It empowers you to envision and create a world of possibilities and opportunities for yourself. Throughout the program, you move from being unclear about what’s important to you, what you want out of life, and what you care about the most to gaining real insights into your own interests, passions, priorities, and goals.

You will learn to: 

Release:      stagnation, effort in manifesting, lack of imagination, uncertainty, insecurity

Increase:     creativity, ability to create from no-effort, imagination, higher awareness, inner wisdom


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