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Unlock Your Inherent GENIUS

Throughout history, there are men and women who have mastered the creative process and have changed the world with their creations and contributions. They are men and women who from an early age are driven to create the extraordinary - no matter the physical or psychic toll. They masterfully wreck what came before to clear the path for something new - something innovative, transformative, and transcendent which only they can bring to reality.


We know them as geniuses. ​They are individuals who have realized the unique gifts that the universe bestowed upon them at the point of creation and then put them at the service of humanity. Geniuses are pioneers, charismatic leaders, entrepreneurs, inventors, mystics, revolutionaries, rebels, mavericks, thought-leaders, pathfinders, paradigm-shifters, and catalysts of change. They display exceptional psychic styles of thinking and creating - such as the will to create the impossible, creativity, originality, and intellectual acuity.


But, genius is more than this. Genius is a creative force. It is a living thing in the human psyche moving us forward on our evolutionary journey to manifest fully as all-creative, superconscious, ever-expanding beings. 


Genius is the ability to transcend the physical confines of time and space and access the Universal Consciousness - the field of infinite creativity and higher realms of knowledge - in order to give it unique expression. It is our drive to give the infinite and universal finite and individual expression - to transform a cosmic idea into a tangible physical reality. It is the source of creativity, innovation, and the key to transcendent change.


In sum, genius is the innate, intense, irresistible, irrepressible, imperious impulse to CREATE responsible for every act of innovation. And, genius is the thirst to CONTRIBUTE. It is the desire to make a positive difference in people's lives - to make things better because it makes us better. Because, it makes the world better. 


Genius is not an elusive, esoteric quality that only the special among us ever will taste. Genius exists within each of us. We all are here to give the infinite and universal finite and unique expression. And, the time in which to do it is now. 

Ready to Unlock Your Inherent Genius? 

Join The Genius Method 

a movement of individuals interested

in unlocking what is unique about them

and putting it at the service of humanity

the genius method 


a pragmatic and soulful accelerator program for unlocking your inherent genius

Created at Stanford University by Yolanda Quiroz Soto, JD, the genius method delivers an experiential, action-oriented genius development program consisting of time-honored mind/body principles/techniques, modern leadership/management strategies, cutting-edge design thinking, and the latest research in neuroscience --- with a focus on taking action --- to empower you to unlock your inherent genius to bend history and transform human evolution.





This uncertain new world presents us with new challenges and responsibilities. As leaders, we are being called to create a new social and economic design based on global citizenship and planetary stewardship. 


If we are going push the human race forward, we need to master the art of being human. We need to awaken the dormant capacities of the psyche - vision/foresight,  super consciousness, the will to create the impossible, intuition, authenticity, empathy, and wisdom. 


I believe that in this new emerging world, human ingenuity - the CREATIVE SPIRIT - what I call our inherent GENIUS - is going to be more important than ever before.

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unlock your inherent genius

to bend history and

transform human evolution

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